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Water Sports


Find the Best Books on Sailing

Sailing is a water sport that involves controlling a boat through the use of large foils referred to as sails. Sailing also requires changing the rigging, rudder, and keel to change the direction of the boat. This sport requires skill, as it is an art combined with science. There are many books written on the subject aimed at beginning and advanced sailors. Some tell the story of famous sailors while others explain the ins and outs of sailing as a sport or hobby. Below, learn more about the top five books on sailing....(more)

How Good is a Sunfish Sailboat?

Sailing out on the ocean can be a very enjoyable experience. Not only is it great to get out and enjoy the sun on a nice day, but it can also be euphoric feeling the ocean breeze upon your face. Using sailing as a pastime is good fun, but it can be expensive depending on what type of boat you want to use. If you just want to have some fun on a small and affordable boat, you may be considering purchasing a Sunfish Sailboat. But before you do, you'll want to know how good the Sunfish Sailboat is. Take a look at the review below to look at the facts in concerns to the Sunfish Sailboat that you're considering purchasing....(more)

Sailboat Engines: Types and Differences

While sailboats largely depend on the power of the wind to move, the vast majority of sailboats still have engines for certain purposes. Out in the water, during a high-wind day, sailboats can move relatively fast through the water without the help of any engine. However, sailboat captains often use engines in conjunction with sails when the wind is low, or when docking the boat. For boats that need docking within a small place, engines are especially important because sailboat captains take down the main sails and gib, thus powering down the boat itself. A small engine on a sailboat helps the boat move slowly into its place in a dock....(more)

Why Docking a Sailboat doesn't Have to be Difficult

As a new sailor, you're likely learning many sailing terms and skills. One skill you'll need to master is that of docking a sailboat. It sounds intimidating, and docking your boat successfully undoubtedly takes a little practice. Docking your boat properly will help prevent boat damage and prevent potential embarrassment. Just follow the steps below to bring your boat into dock with ease....(more)

Water Sports

Considerations When Choosing the Best Boat to Buy

Buying a boat can seem like a daunting, albeit enjoyable, task. There are a number of different factors that you must take into consideration when deciding on the best boat buys to suit your needs. You must consider the purpose of the boat, the number of people you need to carry, the type of hull you want, and the size of the engine. The article below discusses a number of vital considerations to help you make a confident, knowledgeable purchasing decision....(more)

Choosing the Right Wakeboard Manufacturer

There are many different companies that manufacture wakeboards. Choosing the right wakeboard depends on the manufacturer as much as the board itself. By looking at company feedback and other reports, you can find the best company to purchase a wakeboard from. Some manufacturers make a variety of wakeboards, from beginner boards to professional-level wakeboards, while others may specialize in one area. Choose the manufacturer that can offer the most to you in terms of quality and value....(more)

Top Four Boats for the Summer

One of the greatest joys of summer is spending time out on the lake, river, or beach, cooling off and enjoying the breeze from your boat. Boats are made for speed, fishing, sailing, or appearance, depending on what type of watersports you may enjoy. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to boats and styles. Read on to find out about four of the top boats to enjoy this summer....(more)

Water Skiing

Interesting Facts about the Life and Career of Chris Parrish

Chris Parrish is currently ranked as the number one water skier in the world. He is well admired in the world of water sports and is the current holder of the Slalom World Water Ski record with 2-at-9.75 meters 43 off set at the Ski Ranch Summer Tournament at Covington, Louisiana; a record he has held since 2009. He has also won the Moomba Masters three times, the US Masters twice, and the US Open once, and was declared the USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year for 2005. Aside, from his impressive water skiing world records there is much more to Chris Parrish. Continue reading to learn more about this outstanding water skier....(more)

Learning to Water Ski

There is nothing quite like the feeling of water skiing. It is exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. When you have learned how to water ski, you will feel the calm power of gliding along the surface of the water. As with other water sports involving boats, it is safer to have other people there to help you. It is important to have an experienced driver, a second person in the boat called the spotter to watch you, and someone in the water with you while you learn....(more)

Building Wooden Water Skies

Water skiing is a wonderful outdoor summer sport, but it can be expensive to purchase the equipment needed. Instead of buying the latest fiberglass skies from the local sports store, you can make your own wooden water skis. When your new wooden water skis are complete, you will have a one of a kind pair of skis that will not only be functional, but unlike any other pair out on the lake. As an added benefit, you will also save money....(more)