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Water Sports

Life Jackets

Learn About the Many Types of Life Jackets

Though heavy and bulky, the first modern life preservers were made of cork. Since then, the life jacket has undergone many makeovers. There are now many types of life jackets used for water sports of all kinds. Whether you're a boater, a water-skier, or a kneeboarder, the proper life jacket is a necessity. Learn more about the five types of life jackets as classified by the U.S. Coast Guard, including their designs and characteristics. Then choose the best personal flotation device for your water sport of choice....(more)

Tips for Buying Life Jackets

If you own a boat, live near the water, or simply enjoy watersports, a life jacket is a must. In most states, boat owners are required to have a life jacket for every person on board their boat, even if the riders are not required to wear them. Children are typically always required to wear a life jacket when on a personal watercraft. If you are going to buy life jackets for yourself or your family members, consider the following tips before purchasing....(more)

Knee Boarding

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is a watersport that engages a person in massive bouts of aquatic fun. It is done by kneeling on a foam board that is contoured to fit the shape of a person's legs, and combines the idea of boogie boarding and skiing. The kneeboarder kneels on their craft, takes hold of the handle, then skates around on the top of the water and around the wakes as the motorboat that they are attached to speeds around a lake. It can be exhilarating, but only if you don't wipeout every time you try. Here are some tips to allow you to get experience and enjoy it....(more)

Kneeboard Hook: Function, Benefits, and Danger

Although kneeboarding offers you far more stability than a standing water sport like wakeboarding or water skiing, many riders still find it frustrating. It's difficult to get all strapped in and ready to go with one hand, while you're handing onto your towline with the other. Many people who have trouble getting started on their kneeboard begin using a kneeboard hook. This small piece of equipment can make a surprising difference, and help you spend more time enjoying your outdoor activities....(more)

Kneeboarding Tips for Beginners

Kneeboarding is an ideal water sport for beginners. Since you are on your knees instead of your feet, as with water skiing or wakeboarding, it is easier to balance, and less dangerous when you fall. Though good for beginners, it is still a challenging sport, and requires much practice to perfect. Whether it is your first time on a board or you're a seasoned pro brushing up on your tricks, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind....(more)


Surf Instruction in San Diego

Surfing is a favorite pastime for many. It can be very serene to go out onto the water and try to balance yourself to ride out a wave that is rolling your way. If you haven't experienced surfing before but have a desire to learn, you will want to seek out an instructor. If you live in San Diego, you'll be happy to know that there are many surf instruction schools and business in the area. Take a look at the list below. It features the best places to go to get surf instruction in San Diego. Once you enroll in one of the courses below, you'll be able to start your surfing journey with confidence....(more)

SeaSpecs Sunglasses Review

When it comes to surfing, being able to see what you are doing and where you are going are some of the most important aspects to successful surfing. Both water and glare from the sun can make this difficult, which is why there are products like the SeaSpecs sunglasses to help protect your eyes while surfing. The glasses have a strong reputation for successfully protecting peoples' eyes while surfing. Unfortunately, there are also some areas where the glasses come up short. Because of this, you are going to want to know more about the SeaSpecs sunglasses before making a final decision on whether to purchase a pair or not....(more)

Liquid Shredder Surfboards

The Liquid Shredder Surfboard Company was founded in 1999. The founders needed a quality surfboard for their family members to begin surfing with, and the idea for the Liquid Shredder surfboard was born. Developed in Peru, the company capitalized on the phrase, "made in Peru where surfing was invented." The owner, Scott McClain, got together with a Peruvian man who was a surfer and skilled bodyboard maker, and together they created the first Liquid Shredder surfboard....(more)